Sunrise From The Plane

This is an amazing shot of the sunrise from the plane!  One of life's beauty we take for granted.  Enjoy :-) and have an AMAZING weekend!

From The Plane

It always amazes me how planes can fly.  But what's most spectacular is the different perspective seeing things from a bird's eyes view.  Here are some shots I took from a recent flight.  Can you spot Manhattan, NY?

Cherry Blossoms 2014

Hello everyone.

Winter this year has gone a bit too far for my liking.  Luckily, there were some days where it was really nice to go out and catch some cherry blossoms.  Here are some of the photos I took this year.  Enjoy!

More Snow Photos

After cleaning the snow yesterday, I went on a little walk to take some photos.  I know I said I don't like taking photos of the snow, but there is beauty everywhere and I wanted to capture that.  But it was still so cold!! 

Here are some of what I shot:

My First Time-Lapse

Winter is not my favorite season of the year.  My photography slows down tremendously because of the cold weather.  Well, since it was a snow day today, and hopefully the last this year,  there was no escape from going out and clean the driveway from snow.  

To motivate myself, I decided to make a time-lapse video of the cleaning process.  It's my first ever.  I hope you like it.  I think it turned out good but very short, what do you think?  Here it is:

Winter Refuses to Leave

It seems like winter is refusing to leave this year.  Snow refused but to come down since 6 pm Sunday evening.  The forecast says that snow will continue falling until around 2 pm Monday afternoon.  There has already been many school closures in the area.  Despite all of this, they say it is not uncommon to have snow in March!  In fact, last year this time, it also snowed around this time.

As I mentioned before, I really do not like going out to shoot in winter.  However, this time, I grabbed my camera and headed out to take some shots with the idea of Winter Refuses to Leave!

Here is what I came up with.

Note: All photos taken by my new Olympus OM-D E-M10 and a 25mm (50mm equivalent) f/1.8 lens. 

Bisht Tour Documentary فيديو وثائقي للفة البشت

One of my great photo shoot experiences was the one I did for the Bisht Comedy Tour in DC.  It amplified how much I enjoy photographing performances and behind the scenes candid shots.  Also, not only the shoot was great, but I got to meet some pretty cool and funny people.  

A documentary YouTube video was just released recently documenting the tour in the US.  I was happy to see myself appear briefly in it at the beginning, but the most humbling and appreciative thing was the acknowledgment and credit for my photography at the end of the video.

You can read my post about the event by visiting my blog post Bisht Comedy Tour in DC - Exclusive Photos! And you can read my thoughts on the tour in this post BishtTour DC-Thoughts and Behind the Scenes Photos!

Thank you Time Agency, Hisham Khalifa, and the rest of the crew.

Here is the video. Enjoy!

A Walk in DC

The weather was nice yesterday.  It was a little cool, but not freezing.  So it was a good time to take a little walk in DC and search for photo opportunities.  Here are some of the shots I took.

*****New Update on Phone Cases******

Hello everyone.  I just found out that the options for the phone cases include:

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If you choose the photo you like and click on it, there is a drop down menu in the top right for "Model." Click on it and it will show all the above mentioned options.

Here is the link again:

Thank you for checking it out, have fun dressing your phones :-)

Galaxy and iPhone Cases

Thank you for your patience!  It is FINALLY here!!! 

I am happy to announce that you are now able to decorate your Galaxy or iPhone with a slim-profile, impact-resistent, hardshell protective case with one of my photos printed on it.  You can customize the size and orientation of the photo to be printed on the case.  You also get a 30-days money-back guarantee.  

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Almost Ready!

Hello again.  Finally!  My new exciting feature will come to life in 2 days!  Keep an eye for it on my Facebook page and my Twitter account.  Spread the word!

See you on Friday :-)

Coming Soon!

Hello everyone.  It has been a slow couple of weeks for photos.  But I have been working on bringing you something exciting.  I will post more about it when it's ready.  Please keep your eyes open for the new announcement!

Thank you :-)

Have a great day!

My Online Store Is Open For Business!

Dear friends,

I hope all is well with you and your loved ones.  I am excited to inform you that I am now selling my photos online.  Your order will be fulfilled by Fine Art America.  They offer so many options for your prints and more important, they give you a 30-days money back guarantee in case there is anything wrong with your order or even if you did not like how it is printed.

Ordering is easy.  Just look at the navigation bar on my website, and click on "ORDER PHOTOS."  It will open my gallery of photos that are available for order.  I will be continuously adding more photos, so please check back often.

If there is a particular photo that you like and it's not on the gallery, please let me know so I can add it for you.

Please visit and give me your feedback.  I would like to know your thoughts, and how to make this a great experience for you!

Thank you.

Made it on media!

Here is an exciting little piece for me. I have actually made it on a newspaper called Saudi Gazette. Thanks to Laura Bashraheel (, a journalist for the newspaper, for contacting me and posting this little info material about me.

Even though it's just a little piece in a huge section, I do have to admit, it does feel good. Alhamdulillah!

Check it out at Ashraf Faden photography in Saudi Gazette:

(Posting this from my phone.. So I'm not able to add hyperlinks)


New Photos in Street Photography

As I was browsing my photos yesterday, I came across old photos I took during some of my many street photography shots.  I totally forgot about them.  I guess I was busy those days to actually edit them and share.

These photos are random.  Some are from Annapolis, MD, some from Georgetown, Washington, D.C. , and two from Fairfax, VA.

Enjoy, give me your thoughts, and share :-) 

For the complete collection of photos, please visit my album Street Photography

Visiting Abu Dhabi in the UAE

It's a slow weekend sitting and relaxing at home.  I started going through my photos and realized that I haven't posted any photos from my summer trip to the United Arab Emirates.   It was a really short visit, 2 days to be exact.  But it was enough to visit some major attractions.  Besides, the heat was unbearable.  It made it so miserable to go outdoors.  My girls were exhausted as soon as we got out from an indoor place.

So my next visit to Dubai and Abu Dhabi will be during winter.  I would really like to tour the area in comfortable weather.  There is much left desired to see because of the heat.   

Despite the heat, I was able to capture some beautiful photos.  One of my favorite places in Abu Dhabi was Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque.  The architectural and artistic details in this mosque are amazing.  If you're ever there, this place is a must to visit.

I leave you with some photos to enjoy! 


Halloween Street Photography 2013

Halloween is a great day for some interesting street photography.  Each year I head to M St. in Georgetown, Washington, D.C.  where many people go there in their customs and walk around.  Here are photos for this year.

A Hidden Gem in Washington, D.C. - Dumbarton Oaks Garden

If you are ever in the Washington D.C. area and looking for a nice spot to visit, I suggest you visit the Dumbarton Oaks Gardens in Georgetown.   It is a nice little gem hidden in the Nation's busy capital.  Once you enter, you feel like you are on a vacation somewhere in Europe.  It is a nice place to go and enjoy a quiet time or read a book.  There is, however, a fee to enter that is waived during winter time.  You can find all the details about how to visit when you go to the Visiting page.

Unfortunately, they have limitations and regulations for photography.  Commercial and event photography are not permitted.  You can find more information when you visit the Photographic Guidelines' page.   They do allow photography for personal use though, and that's great!

So here is a peak at what you could see when you visit..