Salmon... Eat it anyway you want!

Salmon is one of the amazingly tasty fishes I LOVE to eat.  It is also one of the easiest fish to cook.  You literally can never go wrong cooking it.  I tried it pan seared, baked in an oven, grilled, and smoked.  It tastes delicious in all ways.  My favorite is having it grilled and smoked at the same time on a piece of cedar wood. 

Here is what I do with it: 

  • Buy a piece of cedar wood from any place or even online. 
  • Get mesquite wood chips.
  • Soak the cedar wood and the chips in water overnight. 
  • Get a fresh filleted salmon and cut it into desired pieces.
  • Take the wood out of water, and spread your spices on it. 
  • Lay the salmon pieces on top of it and coat the top with the spices. 
  • Light your fire, preferably charcoal for a much better taste. 
  • Sprinkle your mesquite wood chips on the lit charcoal.  
  • Take the wood with the salmon and place it on top of the grids over the fire.
  • Cover the grill and let it slowly cook and get smoked at the same time. 
  • Then enjoy the best tasting salmon you'll ever have :-) 

I leave you with some shots of a grilled salmon and a smoked one.  Enjoy!


Grilled salmon on cedar wood. 

Grilled salmon on cedar wood. 

Grilled salmon with brown rice and some veggies. 

Smoked salmon on crackers and cream cheese.